Audio Ppt Presentation

Each student will create a 5-6-minute PowerPoint presentation on their chosen subject and post it to the Discussion Board.  Since you will not be presenting these in front of the class, you will need to record the presentation.  This is very easy to do within the PowerPoint program.  When you open the program, and scroll across the top, you will see “Slide Show”.  When you click on that, there is a button “Record Slide Show”.  You can record with audio only, no video, if you wish.  That is up to you.   However, you will need to create the PowerPoint presentation first and then record it.  I also strongly recommend you write a “script” for your presentation.  It makes a big difference in the presentation.

A.  Chose an important leader in the field of your career choice or the area you want to specialize, i.e. personal training, coaching, strength & conditioning, P.T., O.T., chiropractic, therapeutic recreation, etc. Explain how they have influenced the field or what impact they have had in the field.


B.  Chose a treatment, training, or trend and explain how it has impacted the field in which it is utilized.  It must be related to health and fitness sciences.

Creating your presentation:1.  Dig deep – Although your material is limited to a six-minute presentation, you will still need to do enough research to understand your topic and extract the essence of your talk.

2.  Keep it simple – Once you have the materials, narrow down your topic to one core concept. As stated by Chip and Dan Heath, authors of Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die state, “How do we find the essential core of our ideas? To strip an idea down to its core, we must be masters of exclusion.” It’s all about just one idea.

3.  Practice, practice, practice – Rehearsal is critical for a such a short presentation. You have no time to pause or collect your thoughts. To engage your listeners, you will need to be smooth and steady, not bumbling.

4.  Lead with wow – During a five-minute presentation you have little time to build a case or draw your audience in. The best approach is to lead with a compelling or controversial position. Make them think right of the bat.

5.  Tell a story – A presentation full of facts, figures and statistics will quickly lose your audience. One stat may be fine to reinforce a point, but if you want to create a memorable presentation tell a memorable story.

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