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Copd | Nursing homework help

discuss the incidence and prevalence of the COPD, pathophysiology from an advanced practice perspective, physical assessment and examination, evidence-based treatment plan and patient education, as well as follow up and evaluation to assess the efficacy and outcomes of the evidence-based treatment plan for management of an episodic, acute, and chronic case involving the pathology(s) you […]

Discussion question # 2 w2

Diversity among individuals, as well as cultures, provides a challenge for nurses when it comes to delivering meaningful health promotion and illness prevention-based education. How do teaching principles, varied learning styles (for both nurses and patients), and teaching methodologies impact the approach to education? How do health care providers overcome differing points of view regarding […]

Comment tania | Nursing homework help

  I NEED A POSITIVECOMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT. BETWEEN 200-250 WORDS.    Deactivated   Tania Gonzalez   3 posts   Re:Topic 1 DQ 1 Different cultures have different beliefs about low birth weight babies and premature births. The difference in these beliefs is usually based on how cultures are exposed to information. In these cultures, […]

8 slides due in 15hrs

Community Health Project Presentation On the basis of your learning during this course, prepare a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of 8- to 10-slides covering the following: Provide relevant information (demographics, social factors, income, and access to health care) pertaining to your chosen population. Present key findings and identify four issues related to selected population. Suggest implications […]

Commet julia aman | Nursing homework help

   I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT…BETWEEN 150-200 WORDS   I am very much enjoying the author’s voice in “Bioethics: A Primer for Christians.” I am probably one of the only non-Christians in this class, so I find Meilaender’s style approachable and his explanations of the Christian religion easy to follow and […]

Week 1 assignment: journal | Nursing homework help

  Required ResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 1, 2, 3 Lesson IntroductionThe journal is an essential assignment that is meant to sum up the conclusions you come to after having reflected on the readings in the text, the online lecture, discussion posts, including your own and those of your peers, and […]

6051- discussion wk9 | Nursing homework help

  The Inclusion of Nurses in the Systems Development Life Cycle In the media introduction to this module, it was suggested that you as a nurse have an important role in the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). With a focus on patient care and outcomes, nurses may not always see themselves as contributors to the […]

Nrs 430v week 5 assignment professional associations membership

  Choose a professional nursing organization that relates to the nursing profession or your clinical practice area. Assuming that you are the chairperson of membership for the organization, create a full-page flyer designed to recruit new members to the professional organization. In your flyer, include: The function of the organization, as well as its mission […]

Please help with homework discussion questionw5

 You have described the basic procedures for investigating a foodborne disease outbreak. However, please discuss adherence to/development of these procedures in relationship to this case. How likely is “a Mary Mallon” type of transmission occurring today? Please discuss and be sure to supply the APA formatted source that informs your remarks. MARINELI, F., TSOUCALAS, G., KARAMANOU, M., ANDROUTSOS, G., (2013, March 26).  Mary Mallon (1869-1938) and the history […]

Ethical dilemma essay on u.s. emergency med dr

Write an essay that compares and contrasts the ethical dilemmas that an emergency medicine physician may face versus the ethical dilemmas that another healthcare provider of your choice may experience. Examples of other healthcare providers include, but are not limited to, nurses, social workers, primary care physicians, or physician specialists. Your paper should be a […]