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Customer Retention Method

Based on reading resources in this and previous units, provide answers to the following questions for your peers: What is the impact, if any, of CRM on customer retention and loyalty to brands? Why is e-CRM important in the present day? How can you explain customer gap under customer orientated marketing strategy

Cross Functional Essay

3-5 page essay (excluding cover page, abstract, and references) on the relationships and interdependencies between marketing and other functional areas. APA methodology applies to this assignment.

Brands And Brand Equity & Brand Positioning

Brands and Brand Equity & Brand Positioning The reading on Brands and Brand Equity aims to combine theory and practice by summarizing and integrating the latest theories and models in branding research and illustrating them with examples from diverse industries, including stories of both success and failure for well-known brands to which we can relate. The reading […]

Unit 2 Discussion 2 – Consumers

This assessment addresses the following course objective(s): Compare and contrast the ways that a company can create brand identity. Assess internal and external communication needs as they relate to the marketing function. Assess challenges for a domestic company marketing globally. Instructions: Answer the following question: Someone who works in a company is also a consumer […]

Augmented Products

Unit 3 Discussion 1 – Augmented Products This assessment addresses the following course objective(s): Analyze data sources and uses in the local, national, and global marketplaces. Instructions Answer the following question: Describe an example of a core product where there are many different augmented products and the augmented products are considered very different by the […]

mobile marketing

Pick a company and explain how that company might use either social or mobile marketing to support and grow the business.  If you cannot find explicit information on social or mobile marketing for that business, based on your understanding of the process of social or mobile marketing, infer how the company might use the marketing […]


·  Individualtask. ·  This Brand / Market is assigned to you MERCEDES-BENZ in Spain. ·  You have to write a paper answering the questions stablished in this brief. Questions: 1. Media Strategy: Identify the Brand’s overall media strategy differentiating between Paid, Owned and Earned media. 2. Media Mix and Media Reach: Which are the most used […]


What is geographic segmentation? Briefly explain why consumer goods companies take a geographic approach to marketing. Explain the roles of marketing research and its importance in making marketing decisions. What is competitive intelligence (CI)? Discuss how it helps managers and how it is used.

Marketing Analytics

Part A: Google Analytics and Table report Select your own live website and present a live report of Google Analytics and Tableau using the data of the live website:   Data analytics method: explaining the machine-learning models (minimum 1 clustering and 2 classifications) and/or Google Analytics Details on Real-time Monitoring Report, Audience Analysis Report, Acquisition […]