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Research Mythology

ABSTRACT (Sample) “Opportunities and Challenges of cultural diversity – A case study on STFA-HLG Joint venture, Ibra” Abstract Researchers __________________________ __________________________ __________________________   Key words: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The author may acknowledge all persons who made the research possible. This is ‘double-spaced’ with a maximum of two pages in length. TABLE OF CONTENTS Declaration I Certificate II […]


Provide SWOT analysis for BOSE SPEAKERS CO. in the attached table. Please make sure to follow the instructions listed in purple and use the resources that are in there. APA citation. SWOT ANALYSIS INSTRUCTIONS/NOTES Provide an extensive SWOT Analysis (minimum of 3-4 points for each) See Sheridan SWOT Analysis template for more details Strengths and […]

Expert Session Chapter 6

You will listen to the lectures and write a summary of the required lectures.  You must organize the information and explain it in a way that helps someone else learn the material. You can use diagrams or charts to help organize the information effectively.  Approximately two pages (single-spaced) should be appropriate for most of these […]

CCIS 21Sum Principle Of Mkt Dropbox 4 ,5 , 6 (TWICE)

DROPBOX 4 Imagine that you are a small online retailer and your business is picking up greatly, especially in some markets. Create a list of products that you sell, who your target market is, how you differentiate, and discuss optimal strategies for the 4Ps of marketing for your retail business. Discuss how these strategies would […]


Excel Project: Part I Instructions Company Information (Tab 1), and Historical Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Cash Flows (Tabs 2-4) Choose one of the 3 companies listed in your Instructor’s Week 1 Announcement. Go to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database and access your chosen company’s most recent Form 10-K (annual report). (For help […]

business plan

See “12 Critical Slides,” pages 349–352 of your text, for a sample PowerPoint presentation to investors. View Shark Tank pitches for ideas on how to create a brief but compelling presentation of a business. This Week’s Discussion Post For this week’s discussion, create a brief presentation addressing the following: Your business plan is now complete. Imagine you […]

marketing research

Frame your topic as a business problem/challenge Discuss how marketing research is used to identify and exploit business opportunities Examine the role of ethics incorporating concepts from the field of marketing and psychology Discuss how combining marketing and psychology perspectives/methods would contribute to the resolution of the problem/challenge Include a limited quantitative discussion and analysis […]

Marketing Management

Week 2 Reading: Chapter 3&4References Requirement: Minimum of 3 Assignment Instructions: Submit a PowerPoint presentation (9  slides excluding title and reference slides, consistent with APA guidelines 3 total references ) that examines the competitive advantage of the organizations below. Include the following: Describe the SWOT analysis for Amazon.com and Ebay.com. Conduct a five forces analysis for Amazon.com and Ebay.com. […]