Diversity Management Journal Entries

 Journal Assignment Management of diversity is a changing field.

The issues of diversity are discussed in news sites, magazines, journals and presentations.  Create a journal of 5 entries of the most current discussions of diversity and business.  For the weeks 6-9, write up 3 journal entries, one for each week. See page 278 in the Workplace Diversity for a journal entry example. The fifth and final entry will be a conclusion entry.  A. Find an article from a reputable magazine, newspaper, or website each week.  The article for each of the weeks should be a current article related to the topic we are covering that week.  For example, the article in Week 6should relate to diversity and leadership.  After finding the article, complete your write-up of the journal entry as presented in your textbook with citation. Your analysis should be about how the article relates to that week’s materials.  For example, you can see if the article information supports the course information. Is it an example of what we are discussing that week, or perhaps it contradicts some of the course materials?Explain your analysis of the article information.  Be sure to reference your reading with page numbers for that week.Complete a journal entry for Week 6(Leadership), Week7(Organizational Change),Week 8(Application/Implementation), and Final Journal Entry (Summary/Conclusion).  Write-up a journal entry using the information from your chosen Academic Excellence Presentation.C. After you have completed your 3 journal entries, complete one concluding entry.  For your concluding entry, discuss the journal entries in sum.  Was there a consistent theme?  Was there an interesting outcome after looking at all of the articles and attending an event?  What did you learn?  What surprised you?  What can you recommend to businesses going forward related to diversity based on your journal assignment?Each journal entry should be 300-400 words not including the citation.The analysis should be the majority of the journal entry.Grading:The assignment will be graded for appropriate articles, analysis of the article or presentation/event in your journal entry, reference to the course materials, and completeness of assignment.The writing should be clear with correct grammar, punctuation, mechanics, usage and spelling. Every journal entry should include citation information for the article in APA or MLA forma tand references to the readings.

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