How to write A Nursing Application Essay

Nursing Application Essay

A nursing school application essay is a personal essay or a written document that you submit along with your application to the program or nursing school. This gives you the opportunity to express your interest in nursing and to explain why you are interested in a particular school or career path. Your application essay will help you stand out from other candidates for nursing school. The goal of your essay is to prove that you are worthy to be selected for the nursing school program.

A well-written  Nursing Application Essay  may be more important than other qualifications or materials like test scores or recommendation letters in certain situations.

Application essays are an important part of the application process for nursing school. The essay can determine whether or not a candidate is accepted to nursing school. It is important to plan ahead before writing this Nursing application essay. Make sure it is full of interesting information. You must ensure that your essay is free from errors. This is the only way an applicant can impress the admissions board.

What To include in Nursing application essay

In your essay for admission to nursing school, you should often mention experiences that have shaped and influenced you personally. This can be a detailed description of key life events, or an example from your past.

These are some examples of what you should include in your Nursing Application  for admission to a nursing school.

  • Some reasons why you should be interested in the nursing industry.
  • Why did you choose a school or program in nursing?
  • Your goals and visions for a successful career as a nurse
  • Individual achievements, such as exceptional test scores or accomplishments
  • Past medical experiences such as volunteer opportunities, internships, or personal health issues
  • Academic interests and character traits
  • Additional reasons to approve your admission

How to write a nursing school application essay

These seven steps will help you write a Nursing Application Essay for a nursing school application.

1. Check out the guidelines for essays

You may need to submit several versions of your Nursing application essay depending on the number of nursing programs or schools you are applying to. Each school or program may have its own rules and guidelines. Take the time to read all instructions and note any word limit minimums, maximums, or specific topics you need to cover. Writing a compelling application essay is possible by following the instructions. Personalizing each one can help you express your desire and commitment.

2. Choose the main focus of your essay

With careful consideration, choose the information that you wish to include in your Nursing application essay. You might consider your achievements so far, your career goals and a meaningful example of how you have been affected by nursing. You might consider documenting your past, present, and future achievements and goals, depending on the word limit.

Focus on what you feel best relates to nursing. You can brainstorm topic ideas, and you might consider asking your family and friends for their input.

3. Make an outline

You can start with a rough outline, and then make changes as you organize your thoughts and ideas. An outline will help you organize your thoughts and ideas, keep you on track, and provide support while you are writing your draft. You might outline the sections and paragraphs that you would like to include in your essay, or any items required by the instructions.


  • An introduction: This is the part that gives the reader a clear idea of your essay and grabs their attention.
  • The body: This section of your essay is where you elaborate on your ideas, story, or points through several paragraphs.
  • Conclusion: This paragraph is the final one of your essay. It ties together all the key points in your essay in a memorable manner.

4. Personalize it

Personal examples add authenticity to your application essay. It also gives admissions counselors a chance for a candid view of your personality. Avoid using clichés and overused terms and instead write honest, vulnerable and new content that the reader might not have seen before.

Here’s an example of how you can make your personal experience communicate emotion and show your motivation to become a nurse.

My second home was the intensive care unit (ICU), where I spent two weeks as my mother recuperated from life-saving open heart surgery. I was able to sense the kindness and care of everyone, from nurses to doctors, cafeteria staff to custodians. It has stayed with me ever since. My mom’s story is a happy one. It also inspired me to become an nurse so that I could give the same attention, care and kindness to others as my family.

5. Please describe your empathy and skills

A strong Nursing application essay demonstrates kindness, empathy, and caring. You might choose to tell a personal story about how these qualities have influenced and motivated you to pursue a career as a nurse. You could share your favorite memories from volunteering at a nursing home, or how you helped a parent or sibling during their illness or recovery.

6. Write your first draft

Once you have an outline, start writing your essay. You will not be the only one who drafts it. Writing is often the most difficult part of the writing process. Once you have written more, it will become easier. For a more enjoyable reading experience, keep paragraphs short and break up material into paragraphs if necessary.

7. Do not forget to proofread

Before you submit your essay or application, make sure that you check for errors in spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. You might first use a computer spell-check program, then print a paper copy to make sure it is correct. Then you can go back and revise it multiple times. You can also ask a friend, family member, or colleague to proofread your essay or offer their advice and feedback. Your essay should be free from errors to make an impression on the admissions counselor who will read it.

You might meet with your guidance counselor before you submit your application materials.

Tips and tricks to Writing a Nursing school application essay

These are just a few of the tips that can be used to help you write a nursing school application essay.

Get started as soon as possible

Procrastination is a bad habit to make. Writing takes time, and strong essays can be repeated many times. To ensure a well-rounded essay, get started as soon as possible. To make sure you don’t miss important deadlines and dates, mark them on your calendar. Then, work backwards and establish personal deadlines for the work, such as a proofreading and first draft deadline.

Writer’s aids and programs

Many online and computer programs are available that help improve writing. These programs can be used to improve your grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and active voice. The last step of proofreading an application essay is also easier with these programs.

Your essay should be read aloud

You can read your essay aloud to help you understand how it sounds to the reader, and to spot errors or areas that could be improved. You might also consider reading your essay aloud to a family member or friend. This is a great way to get valuable insights into how engaging your essay or what portions need to be improved.

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