Impact of Biotechnological and Medical advances


Biotechnology and medical research are advancing so rapidly that we, as a society, are barely able to absorb the implications and to understand the moral outcomes of some of those advancements. Consider stem-cell research, in vitro fertilization, prenatal diagnostics of genetic disorders, cloning, genetically modified crops, etc, etc. These biotechnological and medical advances are changing many aspects of our lives, raising spiritual and philosophical questions (What is life? How can it start and how should it end? What does it mean to be human?), affecting policy (geopolitics, legislation, control of resources) and society at large (class, gender, race, and genetics). For this post please select an ethically complex medical or biotechnologically- defined issue (from the list above or from your own personal favorites) and discuss why as a society should we consider the ethical choices surrounding your chosen issue.

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