NU710 Module 2 Assignment -International Health Systems comparison

Module 2 Assignment

  1. Compose a scholarly paper (using APA Manual – 7th edition) that compares and contrasts five international healthcare systems in the world.  Make recommendations for ways to improve patient outcomes in the US healthcare system after reviewing the other international systems.
  2. The body of the paper should not exceed 8 typed, double-spaced pages.
  3. A template is provided for you to use to organize your international outcome’s information.  Please use this template.   Download International Health Systems Template Revised Jan 2021.docx
  4. See the grading rubric for details to successfully complete this assignment. International Healthcare Systems Paper – Grading Rubric
  5. See the video in the announcements section for assistance with this assignment. You will notice that I stated “6th edition APA” in the video.  We have now updated to 7th edition APA.  You are expected to use 7th edition APA.  The exemplar in the video was used with permission and was written in 6th edition APA

International Health Systems


International Health Systems

Begin this paper with a one paragraph succinct introduction and state the paper’s purpose. Complete this table

Criteria to Evaluate United States Germany Canada United Kingdom Japan
Healthcare Philosophy
Access to Care Model–

(How does a citizen of this country get into the healthcare system? How do they gain access to personal health services to achieve the best health outcomes?)

Cost to Consumers
Average Age of Death
Infant Mortality Rate
Obesity percentage
Major Diseases Affecting the Population

You do not have to use intext citations in the table. Please put your references on the reference page.

Most Effective International Health Plan

After filling in the table with the researched information from each country, identify the most effective healthcare system(s) in the world using the above findings and briefly discuss the reasons for their success. Include the following:

1. The philosophy of each healthcare system

2. How the population(s) accesses their system

3. The cost of the system to individuals and companies and

4. The state of that population’s health status/patient care outcomes using data including average age of death, major disease processes affecting the population(s), the percentage of obesity, infant death rates, and mortality statistics.

*Use intext citations for this portion.


Identify at least three (3) recommendations that the United States (U.S.) healthcare system could use to improve our healthcare system. Support your recommendations with in-text citations.

*Use intext citations for this portion.


Write a brief one paragraph conclusion for the paper.

*Use intext citations for this portion


Remember to add your references on the last page using 7th edition APA formatting.


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