Nurs6501 week 1 quiz latest (advanced pathophysiology)/nurs6501 week


Question 1          

When completing this quiz, did you comply with University’s Code of Conduct including the expectations for academic integrity?   



Question 2          

55-year-old male has swelling of the feet. Which of the following aided in development of swelling?              

Increased ATP
Chloride movement out of the cell
Na+ movement into the cell
Decreased oncotic pressure

Question 3          

The nurse is teaching staff about the most common cause of Down syndrome. What is the nurse describing?   

paternal nondisjunction
maternal nondisjunction
maternal translocations
paternal translocations

Question 4          

A patient has severe mental retardation caused by a deletion of part of chromosome 5. What genetic disorder will the nurse see documented in the chart?    

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