Nursing Educational Standards

Nursing Standards

Nursing Educational Standards

The health care delivery system is one of the most dynamic and prompts the need to make sure that education system underscores this element of flexibility, with the anticipation of the future health care needs in the society. Nursing is a complex field and one that calls for a dynamic approach to nursing care education at various levels (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011). The American Association of Colleges of Nursing established the nine essentials of master’s education in nursing for this very purpose on March 21st 2011 (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011).

The essentials are core to the master’s programs that nurses have to go through in preparation for their future career development. It forms a crucial framework and an elemental background, around which, regardless of what majors, or focus that the nurse is targeting in their career development and growth, they can rely on it. Master’s education in nursing remain to be a crucial educational trajectory, with reference to preparing the nurses on their quest to addressing the various health needs in the industry along with the gaps that exist is care delivery systems. Nurses that have been guided through the essentials are able to take advantage of the emerging roles, develop better leadership skills and streamline the care delivery system (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011). There are quite a number of masters programs that offered within the education sector from the different institutions; the essentials are crucial at making sure that, all of these programs despite the institutions or the settings within which they are being offered, they have the same expected outcomes. This is crucial in maintaining the quality of education and thereby the professionalism instilled in the field of nursing over the years. While they are not strict directive on what the programs should offer, they offer a level of control that establishes some element of consistency (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011). This is especially the case when the nurses are trying to get into the doctoral programs (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011). It is crucial that they have necessary background before they embark on educational advances in the doctoral programs which are much more demanding and focused.

Comparatively, when matching the CNN mission, philosophy along with MSN program outcomes to the AACN essentials, there are some intriguing aspects that come out. The mission at CNN indicate that the institution is poised to educate empower and embolden the healthcare professionals in their quest to making sure that they advance the health of the people in the communities, families and in the nation (CCN, 2011). This is actually aligned with the eighth essential which relates to enhancing the health of the population and focusing on preventing clinical complications (CCN, 2011). The philosophy of the CNN is based making sure that they improve the standard of nursing education as well as advancing the healthcare outcomes within the community, in the country and across the globe. This further lies with the background that is laid out in the essentials framework (CCN, 2011). As is indicative of essentials one, three, seven and eight, the philosophy of at CNN embodies the efforts of making sure that the health care system is not only streamlined to bring about quality outcomes at the local level, but, across the globe. The philosophy and the essentials also lay out the guidelines for achieving the highest level of nursing practice, now and in the future (CCN, 2011). This is also reflected in the MSN program outcomes which focus on enhancing the health care delivery systems with quality nursing education and relevant skills to match the needs, development, technology, policies and the ethical background of practice.


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