Profiles Of Emerging Innovative Leaders

As emerging economies have continued to focus on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, a number have begun to see success and sustainable gains. And while there are consistent themes, there are a number of different approaches that have worked in various country contexts. Your assignment is to choose two emerging economy countries that have begun to emerge as innovation leaders and develop profiles on those countries and their strategies. You should first define the criteria by which you are judging them to be a success and discuss their performance against those criteria. In this discussion, you should also note why innovation and entrepreneurship is important to these emerging economies. You should next develop a profile of each country that includes the following elements:

  • Basic information about the country to include location, population, resource base, very brief overview of relevant history, and current positioning in the global economy
  • Explanation of the strategies taken to promote innovation / entrepreneurship
  • Results to date of those strategies
  • Challenges encountered in encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship and how those have been overcome (if they have)
  • Implications for other emerging economy countries (are there techniques that can/should be replicated?)

Your paper should be six to ten pages in length and should have appropriately documented sources.

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