Theories Of Cognitive And Moral Development

  • Identify a specific theory of cognitive or moral development, and in 2–3 sentences summarize the major assumptions.
  • Analyze the extent to which the theory is consistent with a social perspective by providing three specific examples in the theory’s assumptions. You might want to consider some of the following questions to critically evaluate the theory. (Note: You do not need to address every question below in your post. Rather, use these questions to inform the examples you provide.)
    • How did the socio-historical context influence the development of the theory?
    • Are there constructs that reflect a deficit approach?
    • To what extent do the constructs promote growth and change?
    • Are there assumptions that end up blaming the victim?
    • Are there assumptions that pathologize certain groups individuals, families, or communities?
    • To what extent does the theory promote self-determination and autonomy of individuals, families, and communities?
    • To what extent does the theory foster a collaborative working relationship with individuals, families, and communities?
    • Using one of the required media, explain how the faculty person applies theory in the research discussed.

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