Visual Analysis Essay

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* = Even though Wikipedia is a .org website, no citations from this cite is allowed.
North Lake College ENGL 1302 – Composition II
Essay 2 – Visual Analysis—Documentary Film

Critical Thinking about Film

This essay MUST adhere to the following guidelines:
 Organize exactly as described on page 2, of this document
 7-paragraphs ONLY (2-introduction paragraphs; 1-summary paragraph; 3-body
paragraphs; 1-conclusion paragraph)
 Use MLA formatting and rules of citation (see The Norton 2016 MLA Handbook)
 Use 2-cited sources from research and 1-quotation from the primary source/the film—
Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened:
o You must use scholarly and reputable periodicals and journals ONLY (i.e.: Time,
Newsweek, US News and World Report, Forbes, The New York Times, The
Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, etc.)
o Reputable Periodicals and Scholarly journals can be found in NLC’s Library Online
o You may only quote from the reputable periodicals in the article “10 Journalism Brands
Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts,” by Paul Glader
o the following websites ONLY: .edu, .org*, .gov, .mil
• quotes from .com websites is not allowed (except Reputable
Periodicals that are also in the NLC Library Online Database);
• quotations from Wikipedia, film reviews, and social media [Twitter,
Facebook, Instagram, etc.] is never allowed;
• quotes from Blogs is not allowed.
o books (ebooks are allowed)
o essays found in library databases by literary and/or film critics (individually published as
well as those found in an anthology or a collection of essays edited by another author)
o each body paragraph must have one-piece of evidence/proof = a quote from a
secondary/outside source (the film is the primary source)
 Thesis statement must be underlined and the last sentence of the second introduction
paragraph (if not, I will assume you didn’t create it and 20 points will be deducted).
 Essay must have an original title of your own creation
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* = Even though Wikipedia is a .org website, no citations from this cite is allowed.
 No title page; use the 5-line MLA format required heading
 Must create a Works Cited page
How to organize the visual analysis of a film essay

I. Introduction paragraph: factual information about the film (no quotations allowed inthis
 Title of film
 director’s name
 primary characters names
 Genre of film to which this work belongs
 Year film was released
 Historical, social, political, and/or cultural info that is relevant to the film
II. 2
nd introduction paragraph: create a platform for your argument (no quotations allowed in
this paragraph)
 Information about the film that relates to your thesis
 Thesis statement is the underlined, last sentence of the 2nd introduction paragraph
(Do not include the title of the film in thesis. However, it is acceptable, but
only if absolutely necessary, to refer to the director by last name.)
III. Summary paragraph: concise explanation of the plot (eight sentences maximum for this
paragraph; no quotations allowed in this paragraph)
 A short summary of the plot of this film
 A summary paragraph should never contain an explanation of behavior, ideas,
characters, etc.
 This summary must be in your own words (not copied, whether cited or not, from
another source)
IV. Three Body paragraphs – this is where you prove/support/argue the ideas in thesis
a. Topic sentence – must specifically introduction the topic of this paragraph. It also
expands the idea(s) in thesis statement.
b. Sub-topic sentence – another sentence that brings clarity and focus to the idea(s)/issue
in this paragraph.
c. Proof/evidence (one piece per body paragraph) – a direct quote, paraphrased ideas
of others, etc.
d. Explain the proof/quote/example
e. Multiple Critical analysis sentences – explain “how” and/or “why” this evidence supports
the idea(s) and/or position in thesis
V. Conclusion (If a quote is used in this paragraph, it does not satisfy the citation
requirement.) You must satisfy two of these options BUT not allfour.
 Restate the thesis (but, not verbatim)
 Provide a synopsis of your argument
 Ask a rhetorical question that raises an issue about ones perspective on this current
 Disagree with your analysis by presenting an opposing view: refutation.
Bush 3
* = Even though Wikipedia is a .org website, no citations from this cite is allowed.
Essay 2—paper topics
1. The central purpose of the film Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is to promote
the theme/message that “free-will is a powerful gift that carries immense responsibility and
hefty consequences.” Agree or disagree? Choose a side and argue pro or con.
2. Create an argument in which you state, describe, and explain the psychological value of this
3. Create an argument in which you state, describe, and explain the value that this cautionary
tale provides to viewers.
4. Create an argument in which you state, describe, and explain the ethical message that this
story teaches viewers.
These topics are purposely designed to be broad/opened ended so that you can
customize an argument. However, you are not required to choose from this list.
You can create your own argument, about this film, for this paper. No matter
what you decide, your argument must be a clearly-stated debatable idea, with a
valid reason for this debate. It must also be an idea that is successfully proven
with credible evidence.

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