Vitamin B Deficiencies Discussion

200 words or more

Vitamin B Deficiencies Discussion

Click the link below. Search the Science Daily website.  Type “Vitamin B deficiency” into the search bar. (Website opens new window)https://

Scroll past the Ads. Don’t chose the first artcile you see. Scroll through the list and chose an article that relates to your daily life. I’m hoping we’ll have lots of different articles to discuss.

Heads up! Don’t read the artcile yet.  Step 1 of the assignment is to describe what you predict the article will be about based on the title only. Refer to the Science News Disucssion essays guidelines document below.

Science News

The objective of this assignment is to practice reading and searching science news articles. The articles in Science Daily are secondary sources. That means they are not written by the scientists who performed the research. They are written by journalists, who have summarized the main points of the primary source research article and tried to offer some implications and conclusions.

Prepare your essay using the following format.

Article Title: Date of Article: Author: Preview:

• Predict what the article will be about before you read it. Based on the title, brainstorm what you already know about the topic. This may be a bulleted list.

Get the Gist:

  • Write a summary paragraph that describes the Who, What, Where, When and Why of the article.
  • Do not plagiarize by copying whole sentences from the article. You must describe/summarize the article contents in your own words. Plagiarizing can result in a zero and academic discipline by the college. If the best way to convey an idea is to quote the author (word for word), be sure to cite the author in your essay. For example, “Plagiarizing is not college level performance” (Stuckey, 2020).
    Connect to the World (In your own words):

• Explain how the article topic addresses local or global social, economic, political, cultural or ethical issues.

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