Week 9 Assigment (Cybersecurity) (Networks)

In cybersecurity, the network is one of the largest areas the attacker will use to connect to systems. This is where the investigator will need to have a good knowledge of and be creative in looking at different areas for evidence related to the case they are working on. Answer the following questions in a formal report following the delivery requirements below:

  • What are the tools that the network administrator uses to manage the network that an investigator can use in an investigation?
  • Choose at least two of those tools and explain how the investigator can use them. What types of information would be beneficial for them in the investigation?
  • Considering the explosive increase of IoT (Internet of Things), explain how data produced by IoT devices would be helpful in an investigation. Provide at least two examples of what the data would show.

600 words


due Saturday 15th

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