Elon Musk Achievements: Writer’s Perspective


This essay has chosen to analyze the entrepreneurial profile of Elon Musk, a genius and creative business entrepreneur in SpaceX travel, renewable energy and scientific research, who always seeks to fix everything he can for humanity to enhance a brighter future. Elon Musk is not just a typical entrepreneur, as many may expect. Actually, it should be noted that Musk is an entrepreneur of his own kind. He has made remarkable achievements due to his extraordinary genius and desire. Therefore, Elon Musk should be regarded as an ordinary entrepreneur, but rather an entrepreneur whose imaginations are beyond human expectation, but has gone ahead to make them a reality. His visionary aim to change life for humanity in the future by demystifying current issues that are perceived as unrealities and solving humanity problems makes him a unique entrepreneur.

Discussion of Elon Musk’s successful entrepreneurial profile, in this piece of writing, will provide details about Musk to the readers, most of which they did know. In addition, this writing will enable entrepreneurs realize that imagination of the impossibility has a possibility is all it takes to solve problems in an entrepreneurial setting and come up with new inventions that can make human life easier. Therefore, through this writing, it is expected that the readers shall get to know that with creativity and appropriate utilization of our genius and efforts, we can come up with superior inventions that will solve human problems.

Analyzing your Readers

This profile essay will focus on the nature of community readers of a community newsletter in which I seek to share this piece of writing. The local community, which will make my target audience, is unique because it is composed, mostly, of people who would like to be entrepreneurs, but they focus on less risky or no risk ventures. They would like to solve problems to human, but not in a unique and efficient way. They only rely on what has already been done. They are afraid of coming up with their new and unique projects that will solve their current problems.

My target community is in need of a motivator in entrepreneurship. They understand that their society’s current life needs to be improved. They expect to be motivated so that they can come up with new entrepreneurial projects. Currently, the population of the community has increased tremendously, majorly composed of the youth. This has led to various problems because the community is made of a large number of people. Consequently, community members have faced challenges in travelling because the means of transport are insufficient for them. In addition, they incur delays in traveling.

Given the nature of my target audience, I will only use a layman’s language in my profile essay meant to explain Elon Musk’s achievements and entrepreneurial ambitions to motivate audience. Only simple and words that are easy to understand will be used. The profile essay will not assume a formal structure, but rather an informal one. My overall message will be motivation to the youth and other entrepreneurs, based on Musk’s achievements and extraordinary ambitions.

Reflecting on the Role of Writer

A writer whose role is to enlighten society on matters pertaining to entrepreneurship like me will have to ensure that the right information is passed across to the right people in the most appropriate manner. I have always sought to make motivation subjects a success. This is what drives me to write about Elon Musk because his achievements are ideal in motivation. I have also been affected by advancements in science and technology. Therefore, it is worth sharing this information to the community to enlighten them on what to expect in the future.

Utilization of technology is one topic that touches every community member. Therefore, I will have to share information about Musk’s achievements and ambitions. Musk is one entrepreneur who is full of dynamic ideas that are expected to change the world in future, if he accomplishes his visions. For instance, if his Hyperloop transportation becomes a reality, people will be able to travel through a system of tubes at 1287kmh between San Francisco and Los Angeles (Doeden, 2015). In addition, if Musk is successful in shipping humans to Mars, he is most likely to build a lasting community in Mars, another planet. This information is worthy sharing.

I have always sought to build future entrepreneurs through motivational writing. Therefore, this motivation will force me to write about Musk. For instance, the fact that Musk has been able to take great leaps of thought into realisms that one else imagined is a motivating factor. He sees the potential in the human future like no one does (Instaread, 2015). He uses his genius and genuine desire to fix everything he can for humanity. I would like to write about his achievements and ambitions to motivate others to utilize their talent for the benefit of humanity.


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